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Conditions of Engagement


Service and Payment

The Customer grants No Time For Grime Pty Ltd exclusive right to provide cleaning & associated services

The Customer warrants that it has the authority to enter into this agreement for the relevant service address. The Customer agrees to make payment for the provision of services for the term of the Agreement in accordance with the agreed charge No Time For Grime Pty Ltd will render invoices to the Customer at regular intervals.

The Customer will make payment of the invoice balance within a period of 7 Days unless otherwise stated prior to commencement of clean from date of invoice. If the Customer fails to make payment of the invoice within 7 days of the date of the invoice, then interest at 12% per annum calculated on a daily basis will occur upon the outstanding amount.

Direct debit is the preferred method of payment.


Rise & Fall

No Time For Grime Pty Ltd shall be entitled to increase charges on one (1) month notice as a result of any changes in award rates of pay, workers compensation premium rates, public liability insurances, Superannuation rates, payroll taxes etc. such charges shall not exceed 10% per annum.


Public Holiday Service

An additional cost (minimum $50.00 may be added) plus normal service cost will apply for services required to be performed on a Public holiday.



The Customer agrees to reimburse No Time For Grime Pty Ltd for all debt recovery and/or legal costs incurred by No Time For Grime Pty Ltd in recovering any amounts due to it pursuant to this agreement


Renewal & Termination

This Service Agreement will be deemed to have been automatically renewed for a further term of equal duration by the customer unless the customer gives notice in writing at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the current term No Time For Grime Pty Ltd may terminate the Agreement by:

  • Giving written notice at least 30 days prior to the cessation of services. Or Upon failure of the Customer to pay any amount when due or, Upon breach of the Customer of any term in the agreement.


In accordance with legal requirements, Workers Compensation cover is held for all employed staff and Public Liability Insurance to the extent of $10 million per incident is held. Copies of Certificates of Currency may be provided if requested.



All Staff wear identifying Company apparel whilst on duty.



Only the most appropriate and ecologically friendly materials will be used. Material Data Sheets for all cleaning compounds are held when materials are kept on site.



The most appropriate and efficient equipment will be utilized on your site. We will continually review equipment available to ensure our contracts are serviced with the most efficient equipment.



All staff is put through our company induction programme prior to commencing duty at your premises. They are given regularly on the job training. We train our staff in Cleaning Procedures, Security Procedures, First Aid, Customer Service, Occupational Health and Safety and any other requirements necessary at their place of duty.



We have developed our own O H & S programme, which, together with our industry Back watch Programme, allows us to regularly review all aspects of our work and work environment. Staff is required to consider all safety aspects of their work prior to carrying out any duty and to regularly review and discuss any problems in their working environments, which may put them at risk.

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